Calendar of Flowers to Mark Months
Plans for a Charming Floral Display at the Exposition Are Most Complete

Buffalo Evening News January 31, 1901

By means of a floral calendar the procession of the months will be marked at the Pan-American Exposition next summer. Under arrangements made by William Scott, assistant superintendent of floriculture, the Exposition will be opened with carnations and be closed with crysthanthemums, and not a week or month between will lack its peculiar display of the flowers peculiar to the season.

After the opening display of carnations, June will be introduced by displays of tender and then hardy roses, characteristic of the month. July will be marked by exhibitions of sweet peas and gladioli; August by asters and dahlias and September and October by chrysanthemums.

Florists all over the United States display keen interest in the coming exhibitions and generous rivalry in various lines will be the natural outcome. Hon. Lewis Childs of Floral Park, Long Island, has intimated that he will enter the lists for the honor of having the best exhibit of gladioli.

A colony of amateur sweet pea enthusiasts throughout the southern tier of counties in this State will vie for the prizes in those flowers. The Cushman Gladiolus Company of Sylvania, Ohio, sends word that it will have a large exhibit of gladioli. Graf of Simcoe, Ont., has promised a gladiolus exhibit that will continue through six weeks. Dahlia growers promise a large exhibit. Among the exhibitors will be W.P. Peacock of Atco, N.J.; Lothrop & Higgins of Bridgewater, Mass.; W.W. Wilmore of Denver, Col., and R. Vincent, Jr. & Sons of White Marsh, Md.

Mexico has promised a setting of agave, maquey and cacti for the grounds, and the California Nursery Company has promised a large exhibit of palms.


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