More Flowers Being Planted At The Exposition
They Will Enhance the Beauty of Many Resting Places On the Grounds

Buffalo Evening News May 30, 1901

Flower-planting is now going on at the Pan-American on a large scale. The work is being done by Architect Ulrich and his men and it is the beginning of a task which will transform every available space upon the grounds into a resting place for flowers.

Boxes of climbing vines have been placed upon the tops of the curved pergolas, upon the colonnades, upon the propylea and upon the trellises of the Electricity and other buildings.

At the same time flower beds are being filled with geraniums, foliage plants and hundreds of bright flowers in the Fore Court, Court of the Lilies, parterres of the Esplanade, Court of Cypresses and Court of Fountains.

The most extensive and difficult part of the task is that of filling the hundreds of vases throughout the grounds. There are six styles of vases, described according to the bas relief sculpture upon them, as Vases Borghese, Vases des Tuillieries, Vases Amphitrite, Vases Cratere, Vases Louis XIV, and Vases Menodes Forme Medici. There are 24 Vases de Borghese in the circular flower beds south of the Fountain of Abundance, and at the north and south entrances of the Electricity, Machinery, and Liberal Arts Buildings. The Vases des Tuilleries number 94, distributed in the Rose Garden, in the flower beds north and south of basins of the East and West Esplanade fountains, Plaza, end of curved pergolas, East and West mall gardens, and front of the Service Building.

The Vases Amphitrite number 54, and are located in the Rose Garden, ends of curved pergolas, bower south of the Court of Lilies, entrances to the Midway and Stadium, bower south of the Court of the Cypresses, and parterres east and west of the Courts of Lilies and Cypresses.

There are 40 Vases Crotere located on the balustrade of the Fore Court, step pedestals of the North and South at the basins of the East and West Esplanade fountains and by the pergolas east and west of the Electric Tower basin. 

Louis XIV vases are 56 in number. They are set up in the Courts of the Lilies and Cypresses, at the corners of the longitudinal flower beds bordering the basin of the Court of Fountains and in the Plaza. 

The Vases Menodes Forme Medici number 16 and decorate the entrances to the Midway and Stadium.

All of these are being filled with earth, in which some showy plant is placed as a centerpiece around which other flowers are planted. 

The whole scheme will require more than a million plants. Until they are seen in full bloom nobody can boast that he has seen the Exposition.

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