September 12, 1901

Dear Sister Hannah: -

Here we are settled in our home 758 Bird Avenue it is as pleasant as can be and I feel so rested this morning. We had a lovely ride into N.Y. in the morning. Some one came up to me in the boat when we were paying for our stateroom and wanted to know if I was Miss Arnold. I did not know her said she was Miss Hopkins and her friend was Miss Ballard she knew you and you had introduced me to her sometime at the B------ church they were going up the Hudson so we kept together had a find time it was lovely we said ever so many times wish you were here with us. We reached Albany 6:10 left there 7:50 reached Buffalo 3:15 so you see there was not much rest for us after we left home until last night and we though we would get the lay of the land and we did some tall tramping and I can tell you this morning where every building is located and to cap the climax we staid in the evening they had fire works Ellen wasn’t quite as frisky as usual I don’t think I ever saw her quite so slow but she is up and at it as usual this morning. I presume we should have gone out to call on McKinley this morning but it is raining the first we have had since we started but we don’t mind we can go into the buildings to dry and we are such a little way from the grounds we can see the buildings. We saw Clarisa Page in the Art Building but she did not see us so we just got away. You will have to wait for the rest when we get home we may write in N.Y. but can’t tell.

Good Bye


Dear Sister, While Hattie was writing I wrote to Lizzie I feel like a new being this a.m. Everything is surpassingly beautiful here and we are enjoying every minute – and can’t waste time writing much. There are a number of guests here some from California. The rain is holding up now will tell you more when I get home I don’t think we’ll take a trip to the Moon I don’t think that would be much I shall go to the top of the electric tower. I don’t expect I can get Hattie to go. The illumination was something more than wonderful – indescribable –
Love to you - Ellen


Editor's Note:

Harriet C. Arnold (age 50 this day) (1851 – 1915) (64 yrs)

Ellen C. Arnold (age 57 this day) (1844 – 1933) (89 years)


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