Missing Youth Of Rochester Captured Here

Buffalo Evening News June 12,1901

John Bauer Took $100 of His Father's Money and Disappeared

Suspected He Came to See Exposition

Detective Morgenstern Found Him on Main Street -
His Money About Gone After Big Time

John Bauer, the 11-year old son of James Bauer, a wholesale meat dealer in Rochester, who has been missing from his home since last Saturday, was found in this city by Detective  Daniel Morgenstern of Police Headquarters today.

Young Bauer attends one of the public schools in Rochester. Last Saturday he disappeared and a subsequent investigation disclosed the fact that $100 of his father's money was also missing.

Mr. Bauer hurried to the nearest police station without delay and asked the officers to find his son. Rochester was searched high and low for the youngster, but no trace of him could be found. Suspecting that he might possibly have come to Buffalo to see the Exposition, Supt. Bull was communicated with,  and he sent out a description of him.

This morning Detective Morgenstern ran across him on Main Street with a Buffalo boy. Both were dressed in new suits, wore new hats and new shoes. Bauer said he reached here Sunday, made the acquaintance of the Buffalo boy and that they had been enjoying themselves immensely. They spent yesterday at the Falls, took in the Exposition last night and what they didn't see of both places wasn't worth looking at.

Out of the $100 only $15 was left. Mr. Bauer is coming here today to take his son back home.

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