Police Searching For Missing Boys
Buffalo Evening News June 7, 1901

Four More Youths Believed to Have Left Homes in Other Cities to See the Exposition

The police here have been requested to search for four boys who have disappeared from their homes in other cities. It is thought the boys have come to Buffalo to see the Exposition.

Frank Jones, 14 years old, and Frank McCudden, 15 years old, live in Brooklyn.  A few days ago the boys told their friends they intended to to run away from home, visit the Exposition and then come back to Brooklyn. They disappeared Wednesday night. This morning Supt. Bull received a displatch from Brooklyn, asking him to locate the youngsters. The police have a good description of them.

Allan McGarry, 16 years old, of Elgin, Ill., is believed to be here and the police are trying to find him. McGarry has been missing from his home for a week. His parents learned he had been talking of coming to this city to see the Pan-American and telegraphed Supt. Bull today to look out for him.

Sidney Leroy Smith, 16 years old, of Danbury, Conn., left his home two weeks ago and his parents have not seen him since.  They think he came to Buffalo. His parents had his photograph and description printed on a circular and sent it to Supt. Bull today.

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