Letter from an unknown person, dated only Wednesday, 1901, on Albright Art Gallery (exposition) stationery. The date may be July 3, 1901, given the reference to the 'Kilties.'

Had breakfast about 8:00. Went over to Fair. Entered by Stadium Entrance. Went through the Church, saw beautiful flowers, pictures, birds, pipe organ.

Minnesota Building contained model of capitol made of butter. The largest model ever made of butter and in the largest glass refrigerator ever made. Took 14,000 lbs of butter. Contained dairy products and fancy work. We also went in Canada. Had tea at the American Inn which was very good. After tea went over by Electric Tower.

We also went to the Trip to the Moon in the afternoon which was fine. We all sat in seats and it seemed as if we were ascending in an air-ship. We left the earth and there a storm arose. The thunder and lightening and rain was very distinct after which the stars shone brightly. We then went in another room and saw some girls dancing and saw the inhabitants of the moon which were dwarfs. They ran out and frightened Maryann and I. They performed some. It was very pretty. .50

Sat and watched them light the buildings which was a very beautiful sight. They are lighted dimly at first and gradually grow very bright. As they are lighting the band plays, O Say can you see by the Dawn's Early LIght."

We went through some of the buildings. Temple of Music and heard "The Kilties." The (one of) largest organs in the World is in there. It is a very fine building. That and the Ethnology Building are round.

We started for home about 10:30 very tired.


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