Some Who Made Money

Bostock's, Johnstown Flood, Cairo, A Trip to the Moon All Winners

The Xanzigs Took Home Plenty of Good Coin

Baby Incubators, the Scenic Railway, Darkness and Dawn and Others Also Did Well

Buffalo Evening News, November 6, 1901

Departed are the ballyhoos and silent are the spielers and all that is left of the Midway are the shells of the concessions and in many instances the mourning for the money sunk into them.

A few concessions, however, made money. Bostock is said to have cleared about $100,000. Not that one can depend upon the assurances of the concessionaires themselves, for one and all, winner and notorious loser like, will assure the inquirer that while all his neighbors lost he won. This is not because of habitual mendacity, but because the concessionaire always has in his mind's eye an application for a concession at the next Exposition, and he can't afford to accompany it with a hard luck "spiel." But from a semi-official source it is learned that Bostock made money, not only on the animal arena, but also on Chiquita, Esau and the "Golden Chariots."

The Johnstown Flood also came out a big winner. It is said to have cleared about $60,000.

Cora Beckwith cleared about $15,000. The Streets of Cairo cleared about $20,000. The "Trip to the Moon" made nearly $20,000. "Darkness and Dawn" made more money than any other show on the North Midway. The Zancigs cleared the largest profits of any concession on the South Midway. Nearly every dollar they took in was profit. The Infant Incubators cleaned up about $25,000 and the Scenic Railway about $20,000.

Other winners were "The Girl From Up There," and the Esquimaux Village.

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