October 11, 1901

Dear Avra -

    Am writing this in the Womans building at the Pan. And talk about being tired. Well we got up at nine had breakfast  and then came up to the grounds. You know how I was going to save on my eating, well just tell Mama that I am hungry all the time. For breakfast I had a large piece of hamburger steak and about the amount of potatoes that Alice usually takes, and bread, cake, fried cake, coffee and grapes. I eat like a pig - am hungry all the time. Also tell Mama not to worry about me as I am feeling fine.
    Am not going to even attempt to say anything in regard to the Pan, you will have to wait until I come home. George and Mr. Hodges met us at the station. And that evening took us up to the Pan and showed us all around the grounds. And yesterday Jean and I came up about nine thirty and staid here until seven. Took in some of the places on the Midway, also saw the illumination of the wonderful tower and entire grounds.
    Our boarding house is just fine [380 Grant Street] and we are right at home there. Last night the boys took us all over the city in the trolly. Saturday we are going to the foot ball with them and we are invited to dine with them Sunday.
    Do write while I am here as you know a letter from home is always welcome.
    Chas carried my grip over to the station for me.
    As usual am almost starved so Jean and I are going to hunt for a place to get some dinner. Ans soon -
                                                                                                        Agnes      over-
    Tell Papa I am all right and as yet have not been robbed.

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