"Winona" was a member of the Indian Congress, the entertainment concession on the Midway which purported to show 42 Indian tribes living in their native ways, but which emphasized sham battles and stars like Winona, whose claim to fame was her skill with a rifle. A guide book declaims:

Winona, the Sioux crack shot, enters, her teeth the whitest on the Midway, her polished rifle barrel glinting in daredevil-coquetry in the the last rays of the sinking sun. She raises her weapon and picks twenty glass balls in fifteen seconds from a moving board, the world's record.

That Winona had the "whitest teeth" was the result of the skin-darkening potions she applied to her very Caucasian face. Her real name was Lillian Smith and she was a fraud in all but her skill with a rifle.

The Buffalo Times reported near the end of the Exposition that she was observed out on the town among other white people.

Nothing is known of Winona before or after she left the Exposition.



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