Canada Building Interior

The largest room was located in the rear of the building and occupied a 60 feet by 40 feet space, with a two-story ceiling. It was devoted to exhibits. As the Buffalo Evening News reported on June 21, 1901, "The main hall of the ground floor is devoted to a comprehensive agricultural exhibit, all the grains and wheats of Canada being shown, either in glass cases or else fashioned in quaint designs in the border around the ceiling. In the center of this hall is mounted under a glass case a monster stuffed Buffalo owned by the Canadian Government. It is claimed to be the largest specimen of buffalo ever known, and is highly prized by the Dominion government. Its appearance at the Pan-American is the first outside of Canada. It has never before been loaned for any Exposition.

Reception Room

"An oil painting that attracts considerable attention is by Paul Wickson, noted Canadian painter, called 'The Story of the Great North West.' It illustrates the retreat of the Red Man with his pony, his gun, and his teepee, before the sturdy Scotch settler with his agricultural implements and his plow horses. It is a masterpiece. In addition to the agricultural exhibit in its own building, Canada has exhibits in the Mines building, Forestry, Fine Arts, Live Stock, etc., etc."


Doing the Pan Home