Buffalo Evening News May 14, 1901

The handsome souvenir tickets to the Pan-American gates for use on Dedication Day will be placed on sale at several prominent hotels and stores down town. The ticket will have a coupon attached to drop in the box, so that the engraving may be saved as a souvenir of the day.

Buffalo Evening News June 18, 1901

The first issues of a souvenire admission ticket for use during the Exposition have been received by Supt. Cash of the admissions department. They will be placed on sale at many prominent places down town, and will thus be serviceable on crowded days for people who wish to avoid the crush at the ticket booths, which is expected next month. The tickets will be good any day. They are of convenient size for carrying in a card case, and they have a coupon attached for use at the gate. The main part of this ticket is a handsomely engraved design showing the Bridge of Triumph formed in a lathe-work border with a figure representative of Industry. The back is a fine sample of  lathe-work engraving. The ticket is issued in two colors: black for adults and brown for children.

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