Pan-American Gates Are Open

"News" Reporter Buys the First Ticket of Admission Sold at the Entrances

A NEWS reporter bought the first paid admission to the grounds this morning and was set down for ticket No. 2. He applied for a ticket at the Amherst-Elmwood gate at 7:15 o'clock, but the gate-tenders informed him that the sale of tickets would not begin until 8 o'clock. Inspector Emery intervened at this point, and upon learning of the reporter's predicament, courteously volunteered to waive ceremony and accepted the admission fee, which was reserved by Inspector Emery until the ticket office opened, as the price of ticket No. 2, while the reporter was passed inside.

Mr. M.F. Cottrell, ticket seller at the Elmwood-Amherst gate, is credited with 50 cents to pay for ticket No. 1, which was sent to Mr. William Hamlin by Mayor Diehl yesterday. Tickets Nos. 3 and 4 fell to two farmers from out of town. These men appeared at 7:30 o'clock and began clamoring to be admitted. They were told they couldn't buy a ticket until 8 o'clock. They waited around until ticket seller Cottrell climbed into the box, then they demanded tickets. Nos. 3 and  4 were on top and these were passed to them. They did not appreciate the honor of standing next to Mr. Hamlin very highly, for they insisted on paying only 25 cents and passed through the turnstiles grumbling because they had to pay 50 cents.

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