Charles N. Niehaus (1855 - 1935)
Expositon Sculptor of Mineral Wealth (Two groups)

Location of the Niehaus sculpture groups, near the Mines Building.

The two groups flanked a large basin in front of the Horticulture Building

Mineral Wealth North Group, "The Story of Light" which interprets gaseous mineralogy.
"A spirited femaile figure holds a pot of fire above her head, announcing the discovery of metal-working.
Around are grouped male figures engaged in various phases of the craft, one carrying a molder's pot, one with an anvil, one with a
retort, one crushing ore, one with a mortar and pestle, another with a blow-pipe."

"The Genius of Inspiration os holding aloft a torch to show the source of enlightenment."

View of the other side of the group.

Mineral Wealth South Group, "The Story of Gold" which interprets solid mineralogy.
"A standing female figure announces the discovery of mineral wealth to a group of male figures at her feet.
Behind her one man is smleting ore, another has a gold-washer's oan, and a third sits with a pick between his knees."

The "Genius of Opportunity" is seen calling through her fingers to waken the world to its waiting possibilities.

Mineral Wealth South Group (another view)


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