Buffalo Evening News, August 27, 1901
From the Society Pages

From 4 to 6 o'Clock

One of the handsomest of the season's receptions given by the Women's Board of Managers of the Pan-American Exposition was the one given yesterday afternoon in honor of Mrs. Nelson A. Miles, wife of Gen. Miles, who is here with the Cadet Corps.

The mantles and tables in the reception rooms were ornamented with vases of gold and red gladiolas, asters and other early autumn flowers. The table in the dining room was centered with red and white asters, and the confections were in complimentary colors.

Mrs. John Miller Horton, chairman of the reception committee of the Women's Board, stood at the head of the line with Mrs. Miles and Mrs. William Hamlin, president of the Board; Cadet Moeller, in dress uniform, announced the guests to Mrs. Horton, who in turn presented them to Mrs. Miles. Mrs. Horton was assisted in receiving by members of her committee, Mrs. Trueman G. Avery, Mrs. Truman J. Martin and Mrs. John Westervelt Bush. Other members of the Women's Board present were: Mrs. P.H. Griffin, Mrs. Alfred G. Hauenstein, Mrs. Adelbert Moot and Mrs. Tracy C. Becker, and Mrs. Henry Elliot Mott, honorary member from New Jersey, and Mrs. Leopoldina Mora de Chaves, honorary member from Porto Rico.

Mrs. Horton received in a Paris costume of white etamine heavily appliqued with a design of white silk cord. She wore a white flower toque and very handsome jewels. Mrs. Miles was attired in a lavendar and white satin foulard, richly trimmed in French lace, the trained skirt ending in a deep ruched accordian plaited flounce. Her bonnet was of white lace and flowers in lavendar shades and she wore amethysts and diamonds. Mrs. Hamlin wore a white taffeta striped with black and trimmed with black thread lace with white and black hat. Mrs. Avery wore a beautiful toilet of black, the skirt having a broad opening running around it of rich black lace showing over white silk and ending in a flounce of the lace also over the white let into the skirt in Vandyke points. The bodice and sleeves disclosed the white silk under dress beneath the black lace insertions and a bonnet to match the toilet and jewels of diamonds and turquoises completed the very beautiful toilet. Mrs. Truman J. Martin was in a black and white satin foulard toilet the bodice begin a bolero of the foulard showing over a white satin bodice overlaid with exquisite Venetian lace. The trained skirt had a yoke of the overlaid white satin and broad bands of the white showing in boullions at the knees. Mrs. Alfred G. Hauenstein was gowned in a buff colored taffeta striped with black and trimmed with fine black lace edgings. Her hat was of Etruscan straw trimmed in black velvet and flowers. Mrs. P.H. Grififn wore a black toilet and Mrs. Becker was gowned in a black grenadine trimmed in black lace over white satin with a white hat trimmed in yellow. Mrs. Moot wore a toilet of tucked pearl gray etamine and Mrs. John Westervelt Bush was attired in a beautiful toilet with Persian effect, the gown with lace let in over a complimentary color underneath and jewels and hat most perfectly matching the gown.

Iced tea was served from a side table and coffee, sandwiches and ices and cakes from a table in the dining room, no one presiding at either table, the attendants serving the guests.





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