Last Night's Reception

Buffalo Evening News July 6, 1901

Notwithstanding the violent storm last evening, the reception to the visiting teachers was held, the change of place and a lighter attendance being the only deviations from the programme arranged.

Mrs. John Miller Horton, chairman of reception and ceremonies of the women's board of the Pan-American Exposition, arrived at the New York State Building, where the reception was to have been held, in the midst of the storm, to find the lights out and everything deluged in water. Mrs. Horton went directly to the Women's Building, where 200 of the teachers had sought shelter from the storm and began at once to make everybody at home and as comfortable as possible. Dr. Bender received with Mrs. Horton and Supt. Henry P. Emerson assisted in welcoming the guests. Some difficulty was experienced by Mrs. Horton in getting her stores of cake, ice cream and edibles removed from the State Building to the Women's Building, but with her usual perseverance this was done and everybody enjoyed the confections and cheerful hospitality to the fullest extent.

The women's board will give a reception to the teachers this afternoon from 4 to 6 o'clock in the New York State Building, which is handsomely decorated with palms and furnished with much taste and elegance.

Possibly of all the grand receptions of the Pan-American year held in the Women's Building, of which Mrs. Horton is the central figure, none will more truly exhibit her devotion to duty and her pleasure in rendering others happy than did the reception in last night's storm at the Exposition.



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