Wellesley College Tea

Buffalo Evening News July 3, 1901

The tea given yesterday afternoon to the Wellesley College women, by the Women's Board of Managers of the Pan-American Exposition in the Women's building was a delightful affair. The rooms were bright with garden roses and masses of syringa [lilac] blossoms and the tea table was ornamented with tea roses. The guests were received by Mrs. Willliam Hamlin, Mrs. John Miller Horton, Mrs. Alfred G. Hauenstein and Mrs. Norman E. Mack.

The absence of Miss Caroline Hazard, the president of Wellesley College, was regretted, but unavoidable as Miss Hazard sails today to spend July and August abroad. Among the guests, however, was Miss Adeline Emerson Thompson, alumnae trustee of the college.

The Wellesley women arrived at the Women's building in the morning and were received from 10 to 12 o'clock by the local committee, consisting of Miss Mary L. Danforth, chairman; Miss Jennie Cottle, president of the Buffalo Wellesley Club; Mrs. William Blakeslee, vice-president, and Miss Alice Williams, secretary and by Miss Katherine Anderson and Miss Ball. Luncheon was served in the Stadium restaurant at 1 o'clock, the tables being laid in Wellesley blue with white carnations and ferns.



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