Wells College Girls' Day At The Exposition

Alumni Reception at Women's Building This Morning -- Tea This Afternoon

Buffalo Evening News June 18, 1901

The daisy honored as the floral emblem of Wells College undergraduate and alumnae bloomed in many a belt and corsage today at the Women's building, where the glorious traditions and immortal aspirations of the beloved college were told and extolled in song and verse and address. Throughout the morning the alumnae and undergraduates poured into the grounds by Lincoln Parkway, the Elmwood gate and especially the romantic Water gate. Up to noon the Wells admirers were numbered by hundreds.

The jollification exercises took place in the assembly room on the second floor of the Women's building. The reception room was rejected for this function owing to the positive assertion on the part of some of the leading Wellses that they could still smell the cigar smoke of the old country club days in the crevices and walls. The building has been greatly changed since those festal days, and is transformed into a very cosy women's building, but the poet says:

You may break, you may shatter the vase, if you will,
but the scent of the roses will hang 'round it still.

Mrs. Alfred G. Hauenstein, chairman of the committee on publicity, welcomed the collegians in behalf of the Pan-American Exposition. Mrs. Rasbach, president of the Wells College committee of arrangements, replied with well chosen sentiments, after which there were four informal addresses by alumnae of the college. The exercises were opened and closed with Wells College songs by graduates of the institution.

There was an adjournment for lunch in the Midway restaurant at 1 o'clock. From 4 to 6 o'clock there will be a reception in the parlors of the Women's building. Mrs. John Miller Horton, chairman of the committee on entertainment and publicity, will receive, assisted by prominent alumne of Wells.



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