That Women's Building

Even at This Late Date Its Purposes
Not Understood by Visitors

Buffalo Express August 8, 1901
From the New York Tribune

A good deal of dissatisfaction is felt, not only by individuals, but by organizations as well, because the Women's building at the Pan-American Exposition is not open at all times to the public. Comparisons are constantly being drawn between it and the Women's Building at the Chicago Fair, much to the latter's advantage. The fact is, the name of the building is misleading and there has arisen a misconception of is purpose.

The pretty building, so delightfully located, was in reality intended for the hospitality building, and was set apart for the benefit of the women managers who entertain for the exposition. Because those in charge are liable to be called upon at any time to receive at luncheon, tea, or reception, the house must always be in readiness. During such functions its doors are closed to uninvited visitors. Most women expect to have the run of the entire building, as was the case in Chicago, and when not admitted they become indignant, not realizing how the rooms are occupied.

Different organizations have arranged for meetings there, so that the building is scheduled for entertainment up to October. This is another grievance. When clubs and societies whose members have gathered at the Exposition unexpectedly ask the privilege of meeting in the Women's building and find that that is impossible. They invariably ask, "Why has not our organization as good a right to be entertained here as any?" and the reply, without fail is: "Why haven't you made your arrangements, like the others?" Some of the largest organizations in the country have thus felt themselves misused. The dates are now pretty well filled, and no society can make an engagement to be entertained there with a notice of only a day or two.

The Buffalo women are coming in for the largest share of carping, criticism, and are being charged with monopolizing the structure for the use of themselves and their friends.




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