Colors of Nature in Agriculture Building

These will Be the Prevailing Tones in the Building at the Exposition

Buffalo Evening News, January 30, 1901

Green and yellow, embodying all the varying tints to be found in the color scale of each, and representing the dominant harmony of the colors of spring and autumn, have been decided upon for the color scheme of the interior of the Agriculture building at the Exposition.

The scheme was selected by Supt. Converse and worked out by Director Turner and Assistant Director Adelaide Thorpe. The walls and ceiling will be festooned with green and yellow bunting, caught up at intervals by flag clusters and shields, representing the seals and arms of the various States. Over each exhibit will be placed banners bearing the emblem of the State or country to which the exhibit is credited.

Immense mrual paintings, in some instances 40 feet longby 20 feet high, will adorn the walls. These will present bucolic scenes, showing husbandry as practiced in many lands and in various seasons of seed-sowing, inflorescence and the harvest. An effort will be made to confine them strictly to nature.

Between the mural paintings will be arranged studies of agriculture in bas-relief, and quaint conceits executed in ears of corn and heads of wheat.


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