Horticulture Building & Exhibits Articles

Calendar of Flowers to Mark Months - Buffalo Evening News article January 31, 1901

Millions of Trees, Shrubs and Plants - Buffalo Evening News article, February 19, 1901

The Exposition Flower Beds - William Scott, Superintendent of Floriculture   "Pan American Art Hand-Book"

The Horticultural Exhibits at Buffalo - Frederick W. Taylor, Superintendent of Horticulture  Everybody's Magazine October 1901

Gardening - William Welles Bosworth, Chief of the Exposition Architectural Bureau,  "Pan American Art Hand-Book"

Floriculture at the Pan-American Exposition -  Ledger Monthly  December 1901

More Flowers Being Planted at the Exposition -  Buffalo Evening News article, May 30, 1901

Report of the Horticultural Exhibit - from the "Report of the General Managers of the Exhibit of the State of New York..." official report (takes you out of this site)

Landscape Gardening at the Pan-American -Charles de Kay, professional perspective on the gardens and their ad hoc design.


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