Buffalo Evening News
February 13, 1901

The Bureau of Printing and Engraving has issued proofsheets of the new Pan-American stamps. Requisitions for the stamps, which are pronounced  beauties, will be filled several weeks prior to the opening of the Exposition...

Pan-American Exposition 

Postage Stamps

Read about the crowd at the post office on the first day of sale, May 1, 1901

Descriptions below are take from the Exposition's Official Catalog & Guide

A lake steamer looking toward the port bow; the pilot house is well forward; it is powered by side wheels.
71,000,000 printed

Train of four cars  drawn by a locomotive with four drivers; four parallel tracks are shown.
160,000,000 printed

The automobile is of the closed coach order with two men on the box; part of the U.S. Capitol is in the background.
5,000,000 printed

The largest single span steel bridge in the world is shown; two trolley cars are upon it; a full view of Niagara Falls is seen under, beyond, and up the river with the graceful springing arch as a frame.
8,000,000 printed

The great ship canal locks at Saute Ste. Marie, Michigan, are given in a view from a higher point, including the immediate surroundings. 
3,000,000 printed

An ocean steamship of the American Line, with two smokestacks and masts, presents its starboard bow lapped by a rising wave.
4,000,000 printed

Here are other web sites which provide detailed information on this series, which is credited by some with beginning the stamp-collecting hobby in the United States:

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The Buffalo News (3/27/2001) article on the release of reproduction Pan-American 'error' stamps:

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