Art Building Interior

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William A. Coffin, art critic and painter, was the Director of the Division of Fine Arts. He decided that the artwork exhibited would be from "new world" artists. Nearly all the artists repressented were American. Gallery P was set aside for Canadian artists. And a few works were exhibited by South American artists.

The exhibits were classified in 4 groups: Paintings (oil, water color, pastel, etc., miniatures, cartoons); Sculputure (including medals and cameos); Drawings, etchings, engravings, black & white or mono-tint paintings or water colors); Architecture (as represented by photographs). The total number of works was between 1,500 and 1,600; of that number, 900 were paintings. 59 sculptors were represented in 187 figures.

This exhibit represented the first time the "American School" of art had been assembled in the United States. It was critically acclaimed at its opening and has remained an important historical milestone in American art history. The interactive floorplan above will provide a glimpse into what visitors saw as they strolled the Art Building.

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