Art Building Articles


The Exhibition of Fine Arts - Willliam A. Coffin, Director of Fine Arts. Published in the "Pan-American Art Hand-Book."

"Paintings of Great Beauty at the Exposition" - Buffalo Evening News, June 15, 1901

"The Art Gallery Opens" - Buffalo Evening News, June 18, 1901

"How to Look at Pictures" - Mrs. Schuyler Van Renssalaer. Published in the "Pan-American Art Hand-Book."

How to See the Pan-American Exposition - Mary Bronson Hartt. Excerpt from her article in "Everybody's Magazine", October 1901

The Pan-American Exposition at Buffalo - N. Hudson Moore. Delineator Article, August 1901

Art at the Pan-American Exposition - Literary Digest June 1901

JSTOR reprint: Canadian Art - Katherine V. McHenry in Brush and Pencil September, 1901

Catalogue of the Exhibition of Fine Arts, Pan-American Exposition, Buffalo, 1901 - David Gray. Complete listing of all artwork exhibited at the Exposition

Art Handbook - Official Guide to the Exposition's Architecture, Sculpture, Art


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