The Park Lake

Use slider bar to view the bird's eye view of the ground with the Park Lake circled in red. For modern reference, the large while-columned building in the lower right above is the current Albright-Knox Art Gallery.

Electric Fountain

Joshua Slocum - the sloop Spray

Life-Saving Station

Sporting Events


The Pan-American Exposition emphasized water as a prominent feature, as can be seen in the above bird's eye where man-made canals interwove around the grounds. But the planners also included part of the Park, now called Delaware Park, and its great body of water, the Park Lake (later called Delaware Park Lake and now Hoyt Lake). On the shores of the lake were a new park casino, the "Water Gate" entrance to the Exposition, a Lifesaving station built for demonstration purposes, the New York State Building (now the Buffalo History Museum) and, in the North Bay in front of that building, the Electric Fountain. The lake served as recreation for Exposition visitors who could rent rides in electric boats or gondolas at the casino. It was the location of the nightly fireworks displays, thrown up from barges in the water. And it provided the aquatic location of sporting events during the summer.