U.S. Government Building Articles


'Uncle Sam in Evidence" - from the "Bennett Guide" to the Pan-American Exposition, 1901

The Government Exhibit at Buffalo - F. W. Clarke   Forum Magazine  August 1901

Strange and Beautiful Fish on Exhibition - Buffalo Evening News  April 25, 1901

Fisheries Excerpt from "Exhibit of Human Nature", Lavinia Hart, Cosmopolitan September 1901(red-colored section)

U.S.Government Exhibits Excerpt from "Short Stories of Interesting Exhibits" World's Work September 1901(blue-colored section)

Smithsonian Institution Exhibits - from the Report on the Exhibit of the United States National Museum at the Pan-American Exposition, Buffalo, New York, 1901

Medical Departments of Army & Navy - excerpt from "Some Medical Aspects of the Pan-American Exposition" (From Boston Medical and Surgical Journal, July 18 and 25, 1901) Reprinted in the Buffalo Medical Journal, August 1901  



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