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Hotel Rates Will Not Be Exhorbitant

Stories That Pan-American Visitors Will Be Robbed Are Untrue

Proprietors Make Statements to "News"
Advances in Most Instances Will Be Small and in No Case Unreasonable -- Big Business is Certain

The Buffalo Evening News, April 2, 1901

The NEWS is today able to present in documents that speak for themselves, a complete refutation of the widespread impression that Buffalo hotel men are waiting like spiders to catch the unwary Pan-American visitor and bleed him to death. The stories about $10 a day for a bed for one are nothing but malicious falsehood and for reasons kept closely secret seem to have been concocted solely for the purpose of injuring the Pan-American Exposition.

One of the means to this end was to make the local hotel proprietors appear so grasping that people would be frightened away. Naturally, the bonifaces liked not this variety of advertising. They raised a row, and got a retraction that did not retract, together with the promise that an offending reporter would be suspended. All of which didn't particularly improve the business outlook for the Pan-American Exposition or the hotels.

The facts are these: Among the hotels used to transient business there is going to be a slight raise in rates. In some cases it is 50 cents a day; in others it is a dollar; in others it is just the same old rate. Many hotel proprietors can see farther than to shut off regular trade, year in and year out, for a snap of four months which would alienate their steady custom. Some owners of flat houses who want to get rich quick have not yet attained that range of vision.

The hotel men have reason to believe that their hostelries will be crowded, and for that reason they are preparing to use all the space they have got. A man who insists upon occupying alone a double bed or a double room will have to pay for keeping the other fellow out. Two people are not going to be jammed into a single bed, but the rates per day quoted below are for accommodations for one, with perhaps others in the same room.

"I have made a contract for $20 a day for one room in June," said one hotel proprietor yesterday, "and that might scare people if they didn't know that there will be 20 people in that room. It is one of the biggest sample rooms in the house, and $1 per day for a bed is no more than the usual convention price. That is probably where the $10 and $20 a day idea originated."

People not suspected of insanity expect to have to huddle somewhat at a big convention or at an exposition, and that is what they'll have to do here if they haven't made previous arrangements otherwise.

The hotelkeepers whose names appear below are those found in one afternoon work by one man. None of those seen hesitated to sign a statement or to condemn the publication of the false stories of proposed extortion. The hotelmen are on record as follows, and the rates they name are those which will prevail.

The Iroquois - (Main & Eagle Sts. - 1000 rooms )

Rates at the Iroquois, European plan, will from May 1 range from $3 up. Meals will be served a la carte1 in the hotel's restaurant. (signed) George H. Wooley, Manager, the Iroquois Hotel Company

New Tifft House

Our rates from May 1 will be $2.50 and $3.00 each without bath, and $3.50 to $5.00 with bath, and during the rush we will put as many as will be comfortably accommodated in each room. We will run a restaurant in connection with the hotel. (signed) John H. Hood & Co., Proprietors.

The Genesee

The rates of the Genesee beginning May 1 will be from $2 a day up, European plan. A double bed to be charged at $2 for each occupant. Meals $1 each, American plan2. Meals a la carte to suit guests. J. E. Murphy, Proprietor

Mansion House

The Mansion House will be on the European plan3 from May. The rates will be from $1.50 per day upwards. Comfortable accommodations for 300 guests. Meals $1 each, table d'hote4. (signed) C. R. Eldridge, Manager

Niagara Hotel

The Niagara Hotel will run strictly on the European plan with restaurant in the hotel. Rates will be from $2 a day up. Will accommodate 500. The Niagara Hotel, C. H. Polley, Treasurer.

The Broezel

The Broezel House will run on the American plan, from $3.50 per day up. J. E. Boldt, Proprietor

The Arlington

Rates at the Arlington will be $2 per day, European plan; meals, 75 cents each. Any one person wanting entire room, if it is rated for two persons, will have to pay for the two. (signed) J.W. McKay, Proprietor

The Cheltenham

The Cheltenham's rates will be $3 a day, regular American plan; with bath, $3.50. Accommodations for 150. (signed) C.J. Spaulding, Proprietor

New Gruener Hotel

The New Gruener Hotel is not going into the air on the Exposition business. Rates will be from $1 up for each person, European plan. Meals a la carte. Good accommodations for 400 people.

New Continental

On and after May 1, this hotel will be run on both the American and European plans for the accommodation of our regular patrons and Exposition visitors. It is the policy of this hotel to give good value for the rates charged, and no attempt will be made to over charge anybody. (signed) Mark A. Caldwell, Proprietor

Rienzi Hotel (354-358 Main - 150 Rooms)

The Rienzi Hotel, for gentlemen only, will charge from $1 per day up, European plan, from May 1. Meals will be a la carte. (signed) F. J. Garvin, Proprietor

Robinson Hotel

Rates at the Robinson Hotel will be practically the same as at present, $1 up, European Plan. Meals a la carte. (signed) Harry Asmus, Proprietor

1a la carte (literally, 'from the menu'), each dish ordered separately for its own price (vs. a dinner with all dishes included in a single price)

2American plan: 3 meals per day included

3European plan: no meals included

4Table d'hote (literally, 'table of the host'), full meals with limited choice of dishes, for a fixed price