Touring & Tourists

The Exhibit of Human Nature - Lavinia Hart The Cosmopolitan, September 1901

First on this list because it is a delightful way to stroll the grounds. She writes with color and humor.


The People at the Pan American - Lillian Betts The Outlook 69, September 14, 1901

The first peek I had at how visitors passed their day, especially those from other states.


How to See the Pan-American Exposition - Mary Bronson Hart, Everybody's Magazine, October 1901

A breezy, cheerful article about what looks interesting at the Exposition


A Short Story of Interesting Exhibits - Arthur Goodrich The World's Work Magazine, August 1901

A very detailed and interesting tour of the exhibits in many buildings; describes inventions


Notes on the Pan-American Exposition- Robert Grant, The Cosmopolitan, September 1901

A general summary by a writer who has covered too many expositions.


Mr. Daniels Tells How the woman With Twins Can See the "Rainbow City" - Leslie's Weekly, August 24,1901


New Fad Appears on Grounds - the spread of the "Exposition Tan" Buffalo Courier July 24, 1901

A fascinating look at attitudes toward the side effect of touring outdoors in July


A Short Sermon For Sight-Seers- Edward S. Martin, essayist and contributor to Harper's Weekly

He reminds visitors to the Pan American that "you are part of the show and should take due pride in doing it credit".


The Pan-American at Buffalo - N. Hudson Moore, The Delineator Magazine
Part One: July 1901
Part Two: August 1901